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LOL! [Thursday
July 25 2013@03:07pm]
Oh my gosh. 7 years since I posted here. Wow. Even at 19-20, I was super childish! I still like my "pucker up/kiss my ass" comment portion.

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December 26 2005@11:54am]
Merry Belated Christmas! I got a lot of good things, including this laptop! My mom got me a few DVDs (Fried Green Tomatoes, Cheaper by the Dozen, etc.). I got a new blow-dryer because mine sucks. And how could I forget? My dad got me a jewelry box. He went to the store & picked it out all by himself. It was sweet. This Christmas was a very good one & as far as presents go it would have to be the best, but it wasn't the same because Brian wasn't there. I talked to him on Christmas Eve & asked him how weird it feels now that he won't be opening up a pack of underwear from mom on Christmas. He sounded like he was a little depressed that he couldn't spend Christmas with us & of course I cried after we got off of the phone. I will be planning a trip up there sometime during the summer.

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Reflection - shut up [Thursday
December 01 2005@11:26pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Wow, December 1st already. This year has been very.. stressful to say the least.

Although, I have had a lot of fun & shared good times with good people. I guess as every year goes by, I feel myself getting a little more independent & feeling all the more distant from my childhood & the memories I've clung to & the memories I wish I could forget. I know that's normal & it's all a part of growing up; when we're younger, though, we feel like we'll never grow up. It feels like we'll be stuck in elementary school forever. Then, it feels like we'll be stuck in middle school forever, then high school. But once it's over, it's over. There's no turning back, no matter how much you'd like to change the things you've done. I guess it has made me realize how precious life is & how much we should live life to it's fullest. It's really sad that no one can really tell you not to waste your life or that you need to stop wishing for a certain day to come, or wish you were a certain age, you have to learn it the hard way. Because you can grow up, but you can't go back. Stay young while it lasts.

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November 11 2005@02:24am]
[ mood | tired ]

In 2 or 3 sentences, tell me what you think about me & why you may feel this way. They're screened so no one will see it but me.

Just do it, damnit.

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What's been going on? [Saturday
October 29 2005@11:27am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well, I haven't posted in a while, I figured I might as well.

School is OKAY. I probably failed my pre-calculus exam because I STUDIED! I know better than to study for math, because my mind goes blank by the test day. Oh well. I wrote my speech in Comm. on gay rights.

Gay rights speechCollapse )

It wasn't that bad considering it was really my first persuasive speech. I would have written more but once I really get started on something I can't stop myself. I would have offended a lot more people than I did. They probably all think I'm a lesbian or something (because people these days are so close-minded). Not like I care, think what you want. You want to think I'm a lesbian, THEN I'M A CARPET-LICKER, BABY!

Aimee', Bobby & I are going to the 13th gate tonight.. wish me luck. Well, I need to go so I can make up my bed & head back to Aimee's.

♥ all you silly hoes

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college = blah [Thursday
October 06 2005@08:30pm]
Shit. College sucks.

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Just because you said so [Thursday
October 06 2005@07:43pm]
Leave your name and

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

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Scrambled thoughts [Tuesday
October 04 2005@10:17pm]
I have been thinking lately; all of this is cluttered, subjects change without much transition - screw you English majors.

Why do we lie to ourselves? Often times we are so absorbed in our own feelings that we forget about anyone else. We forget that there are other people with feelings that are equally as important as our own. We look past the adversity one may face & make opinions based upon surface analysis never looking in-depth enough to see someone for who they really are. It is so easy to place blame upon someone else rather than accepting our own faults. Who in the hell are we? I don't remember becoming a supreme being, do you? I am guilty of these things myself, that is why it's so easy for me to talk about them. I know I'm not alone.

We all seek some sort of self-satisfaction that is unrealistic. We are all searching for something that we will probably never find. Along the way to this "ultimate gratification" we trample on anyone who gets in the way. Each day we think we're one day closer to the answer, but each day we're further away from the truth. We get so caught up in little details that it is hard for us to see life on a larger scale.

I have learned that bickering, arguing, trying to "bring someone down a notch" is absolutely & utterly pointless. I don't know why I ever did it in the first place. We like to believe that doing this will, in some way, make us feel better. I have never felt better after insulting someone even if I thought it was true. I am tired of surrounding myself with negativity.

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September 30 2005@07:24pm]
I am about to go to Aimee's & commence with the drinking. I swear I am becoming an alcoholic. After this week from hell, I need all the alcohol I can get my hands on.

Pretty soon I will make the most thought-provoking, emotionally draining post I have ever made.

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September 15 2005@09:20pm]
Tell me what you think about me. Anything & Everything. It doesn't matter who you are.

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September 11 2005@06:47pm]
My mom wanted me to pass this along. She started the site & asked me to write something. I don't know if you'll like it, but look anyway.

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my spiel about Katrina [Wednesday
September 07 2005@11:09pm]
[ mood | opinionated ]

Who knew Katrina would have such a devastating effect on Louisiana and, for that matter, the whole country. So many lives were forever changed by this natural disaster.

Hurricane Katrina has caused New Orleans to look like somewhat of a third world country, if you will.

A tragedy like this can bring out the very best in people, but can, and most certainly has and will, bring out the worst in people. So many people are willing to open their hearts in times of need, but many others see dire situations as opportunities to take advantage of vulnerabilities in people.

New Orleans is internationally known and will be rebuilt. It houses too much history and too much tradition to be cast aside, never to be full of life again. It is absurd to think that New Orleaneans, Louisianians or even Americans would let such a landmark fade away. When all of this is said and done, and all of the billions of dollars have reconstructed a once fallen city, New Orleans will be better than ever.

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Hurricane Katrina [Sunday
August 28 2005@11:07am]
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin declared a state of emergency on Sunday and ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city as potentially catastrophic Hurricane Katrina churned toward the city with maximum sustained winds near 175 mph.

At 11 a.m. ET, Katrina was centered about 225 miles south-southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River. It was moving to the west-northwest at about 12 mph.

NHC forecaster Ed Rappaport said Katrina's strength could fluctuate before it reaches shore but noted the difference between a high Category 4 and a low Category 5 was practically inconsequential.

"There will be extensive to potentially catastrophic damage to many structures ... and inland," he said. "We'll have a lot of trees that are going to come down, perhaps millions of trees. But the first threat is going to be the storm surge. You must get away from the coast now."

Worst-case scenario
In worst-case scenarios, most of New Orleans would end up under 15 feet of water, without electricity, clean water and sewage for months. Even pumping the water out could take as long as four months to get started because the massive pumps that would do the job would be underwater.

Hell, I don't know where I'm going.. my dad is convinced we'll be fine where we are; he is acting like such a selfish asshole right now.

Good luck, guys.

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This journal is friend's only [Sunday
July 31 2005@10:42pm]
[ mood | determined ]

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